Quoting Harald Milz:

> Hi,
> after having reinstalled my VDR with OpenSUSE 10.1 a couple of weeks ago
> (after which VDR was working happily for some time) some very strange
> things happened. At first, after a reboot, sound was gone, without any
> change in the configuration, only after rebooting. My setup is still as
> described in
> http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Softdevice-plugin#Matrox_G550_mit_DVI-Ausgang_und_DirectFB
> (in German, though). In particular, softdevice is invoked as
> softdevice -ao alsa:pcm=plug:spdif#ac3=plug:spdif# -vo dfb:
> No sound from VDR. Video was displayed fine. I could play testsounds with 
> aplay just fine.

To get the mixer unmuted and or let softdevice use mixer for volume
control you'll have to add "mixer:" to your audio parameter.


Stefan Lucke

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