On 07/10/07 20:46, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> ...
> The 1.4.5 is the APIVERSION of VDR 1.4.7 [1],...
> [1] I would've preferred using a completely separate numbering scheme 
> for the APIVERSION, unrelated to VDR version, so that this kind of 
> confusion could've been avoided.

Originally VDR had only one version number, and that was used for
VDR itself and to indicate the plugin versions to use for that
version of VDR.

Then people complained that they had to recompile all plugins with
every new version of VDR, even if no interface had been changed.
That's why a separate APIVERSION has been introduced, indicating
the version of the plugin API. Naturally, that APIVERSION was
related directly to the VDRVERSION. I don't see why using a
completely different versioning system here would avoid confusion
If people want to get confused, they'll get confused, anyway.

The only thing that would really make sense to me would be
to drop the whole APIVERSION thing and get back to a single


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