Igor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I can't play by mplayer-plugin the h264-video .ts file with standard 
> definition. But with 
> command mplayer -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes -nolirc -msglevel all=5 
> /data/mplayer/video/1muz.ts
> everything is ok

> I don't understand why there's this messages
> Jul 12 00:30:01 arvdr logger: *** DEBUG: parsed output for ORIG_X: "0"
> Jul 12 00:30:02 arvdr logger: *** DEBUG: parsed output for ORIG_Y: "0"
> could you anybody help to me ?

This seems like a limitation of mplayer. The mplayer.sh script tries to
get some information about the clip through calling mplayer with
"mplayer -identify". In every case I've seen so far mplayer prints
the resolution (and other info) about the clip. This output is parsed by
the mplayer script. In your case - for some unknown reason - mplayer
doesn't output a valid resolution of the clip. Hence the script fails...

You should try to run 'mplayer -identify -frames 0 /your/h264-video.ts'
and look for ID_VIDEO_WIDTH and ID_VIDEO_HEIGHT. If you can't find this
output or if it is 0, try it once again with '-frames 10'. If this still
doesn't show the desired output, please take it to the mplayer
developers at mplayerhq.hu. But if '-frames 10' (or any other value)
gives you a reasonable output, please report it back to me.


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