Gregoire Favre wrote:
> Oh, that's a really bad way of doing things for me : it seems my
> vdrwatchdog initiate a "initializing full VDR restart".
> I only got those "problem" needing a restart of vdr at boot, so the new
> implementation will never work for me.

I don't really understand that. On boot, you start VDR, kill it and 
restart it?

The next scheduled wakeup time is always MinEventTimeout in the future, 
to prevent wakeup race conditions and immediate restarts on forced 
shutdown. Thats probably what causes VDR to assume manual start on 
second run. However this only happens together with calling the shutdown 
script, and the shutdown script should not be called at all, since 
there's a timer close by...?

To avoid this, you could save the NextWakeupTime and restore it after 
VDR exits.



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