I did not find anything definite about this subject from LinuxTV wiki, mailing 
list archives or google, so here it comes. Please point me to a previous thread 
if there is one - I did check the mailinglist archives for the last 12 months 
or so.

Ok, so I'm using VDR as the software for my dedicated VDR box - see 
http://users.utu.fi/sjsepp/gentoo_vdr/gentoo_vdr.html for more information. 
There are some recordings that I like to archive. The process which I use 
currently is like this:

1. Fix / demultiplex the recordings with ProjectX
2. Multiplex the recordings with mplex
3. Edit and transcode the videos (to xvid) with Avidemux

Now this works just fine for those recordings that don't have separate 
subtitles. Here in Finland we do have separate subtitles on some channels. The 
subtitles are not s.c. teletext subtitles, but "normal" dvb subtitles. VDR can 
record these just fine and ProjectX can extract them as well. The files 
ProjectX creates for the subtitles are .sup and .sup.IFO.  I tried selecting 
the subtitle export format in ProjectX, but it did not seem to have any effect 
- I guess it's only valid for teletext subtitles. The DVB subtitles don't seem 
to be that well supported, so I can't edit the recordings at all unless I want 
to break the timings in the subtitle files.

So I was thinking of a couple of approaches:

- Convert the subtitles to some other (bitmap) format (dvd subtitles, for 
example) which is better supported and which the editing software (avidemux) 
can understand
- Converting the subtitles as above plus streaming them IN the video stream 
with vlc (I guess this is possible?)
- Burning the subtitles into the video stream prior to editing and transcoding 
with avidemux - this is what I'd prefer

Could someone point me to the right direction - I don't really care how to get 
to my goal, as long as I get there. 

All guides I've found make use of Windows programs, which do work in Wine at 
least to a degree. I'd rather do this 100% natively in Linux, as I haven't got 
any Windows boxes around.

Best regards to all,

Samuli Seppänen

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