Norbert Goebel wrote:
> does vdr (especially version 1.4.7 as I am using this right now) tell 
> the shutdownscript in any way what caused the shutdown-request (pressing 
> the poweroff button on fb or the idle timer)?

See the INSTALL file of VDR. The 5'th parameter of the shutdown script 
is 0 for automatic shutdown and 1 for manual shutdown.

> For this it would be nice to have
> a) a direct vdr feature (like no idletimer from x to y (and maybe more 
> than one range))

You could try to modify the min. user inactivity parameter via SVDRP key 
actions or by a simple plugin to switch the behavior.
A plugin could also report 'fake' activity at daytime to keep VDR from 
shutting down.
 From 1.5.1 on, or with the shutdown backport for 1.4.x, plugins can 
also influence the idle timings directly to 'fake' an interactive user 
at daytime.

> c) a shutdown-hook that disables shutdowns from 8-24 (which a) still 
> can't stop the annoying message to appear on screen

You can get rid of these messages by sending some unimportant key code 
(kUser9 for example) via SVDRP from the shutdown script to stop VDR from 
calling shutdown too often.



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