Norbert Goebel wrote:

> as always it's a problem of knowing how to do what you want to do.
> I for example am trying and trying to get rid of the onscreen message 
> "Taste drücken, um Ausschalten abzubrechen" automatically, but somehow 
> commands like
> $svdrpsend HITK Ok > /dev/nulll &
> with svdrpsend=/usr/lib/vdr/
> do not get through to vdr when issued in a shutdown-hook script (debian 
> vdr), but work flawlessly when issued by hand.
> Any suggestions on that problem?

let me guess: it gets a timeout? VDR is busy waiting for the shutdownscript to 
return, so
no new svdr-connection is accepted. Spawn the svdrpsend (with at, if you like) 
and your
problems will vanish.

> My biggest problem might be understanding how to make an intelligent
> shutdownscript for vdr and there are almost no examples given - if you
> got a longer "example" I would be glad to learn from it ;)

my shutdownscript consists of the some lines above and some ssh-commands to my
house-controlling (NSLU2), which tracks, which computer is online and offline, 
and which
computer wants to wakeup when (via wake-on-lan). I don't know if this would be 
since its quite complex.


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