On Monday 16 Jul 2007, Friedhelm Büscher wrote:
> Hi everybody.
> I wonder, if <event id> (according to vdr.5) must be uniq among *all*
> events known to vdr or only among the events of the current channel?
> Is it valid to have a <event id> of 4711 for "ard" and a <event id> of
> 4711 for "zdf"? Or will these both events clash?

According to ETSI EN 300 468 the event_id is "uniquely allocated within a 
service definition", which I think means that the combination of 
service_id and event_id is unique. Of course they cannot be globally 
unique for all time as they are both 16-bit fields, so I presume that 
there should simply be no re-use within the time interval covered by the 

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