Udo Richter schrieb:
> Norbert Goebel wrote:
>> Why is this done in this order and not like this:
>> a) check the shutdown-hooks and if those exit with exitcode=0 do b) else 
>> abort the shutdown sequence without a message (exception: the script 
>> wants to be verbose and does it itself)
>> b) display shutdown abort message
>> c) wait for the timeout and shutdown if it happens
> The purpose of the shutdown script has never been to report whether 
> shutdown is possible or not. The only purpose of the shutdown script is 
> to shut down the computer and kill VDR, or do nothing. There was never 
> any return code defined that indicates shutdown-readiness, nor was the 
> return code ever checked.
> Your strategy would therefore be a completely new shutdown script that 
> is more like a check-for-activity script, and that would still require 
> another script that actually does the shutdown after all.
It was not exactly my idea to do it this way. I just checked the 
facilities c't vdr (or let's say e-tobis debian vdr-packages) offered me.
And this contained the shutdown-hooks with one so called "S90.custom" 
shutdown-hook which - as the only example given - tells me how to abort 
a shutdown - so it sounded to me that those shutdown-hooks are made to 
do exactly what I tried to do.
Seems like I was mislead by this "nice" example ;)

> Such a functionality could also be implemented by a simple plugin that 
> reports plugin activity based on return codes from an external script.
As I am not familiar with vdr plugin programming it was easier to create 
a shellscript that gets checked periodically via cron and after deciding 
that vdr should not automatically shut down sends a HITK User9 with 
SVDRP (User9 is not used anywhere else on my vdr). That way it's easy to 
include other checks (like network activity) too.
But surely a nice plugin with settings changeable via vdr-menu instead 
of changing vars in a shellscript would still be nice ;)

So until someone else writes such a plugin or I find the time to do it 
myself (which might take years ;) ) the problem is solved for me.

Thx for all that helped finding a solution for the problem.


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