> >> are there more debugs I should have on?
> >
> > I've turned on "static bool DebugProtocol = true;"  in ci.c and still
> > none of these "CAM 1:" messages  ????
> These log entries are independent of the DebugProtocol setting.
> Are you running VDR with reduced logging (option -l)?
> If so, please run it with the default (-l3) which is "full logging".
> Are all your logs going into a single log file (/var/log/messages),
> or are you spreading the logs into several files? Maybe the debug
> log entries go somewhere else on your system.

Sorry, I am getting messages like:
Jul 23 07:38:51 media1 kernel: dvb_ca adapter 0: DVB CAM detected and
initialised successfully
Jul 23 07:38:51 media1 vdr: [4597] CAM 1: module ready
Jul 23 07:38:54 media1 vdr: [4597] CAM 1: Irdeto Access, 01, 06FF, 06FF

and all (-l3) logs are going to /var/log/messages

But I'm not getting these QUERY messages.  Just get "channel not available"
on the OSD and "info: Channel not available!" in the logs whenever a second
channel in the stream is requested.

Maybe I have a setting in setup.conf which is stopping it even
trying/checking for another channel in the TS?  Or is my channels.conf
Sky 1;T:594000:M64:C:XXXX:529:530:0:606:201:182:2:0
Juice 2;T:594000:M64:C:XXXX:577:578:0:606:204:182:2:0
Food TV;T:602000:M64:C:XXXX:817:818:0:606:303:182:3:0


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