I have an Irdeto CAM in a TechnoTrend budget DVB-C card.

vdr doesn't seem to even attempt QUERY to decrypt more than one stream in
the TS.  If I record one stream and try and watch another in the same
boquet, I just get "channel not available".

This is my channels.conf:
Sky 1;T:594000:M64:C:XXXX:529:530:0:606:201:182:2:0
Juice 2;T:594000:M64:C:XXXX:577:578:0:606:204:182:2:0

These are my logs:

Jul 22 07:23:51 media1 vdr: [5764] info: Recording started
Jul 22 07:24:01 media1 vdr: [5764] switching to channel 1
Jul 22 07:24:01 media1 vdr: [5764] info: Channel not available!
Jul 22 07:24:03 media1 vdr: [5764] switching to channel 2

looking at ci.c, I thought I should be getting "CAM 1: replies to
QUERY....." etc??

       case AOT_CA_PMT_REPLY: {
            dbgprotocol("Slot %d: <== Ca Pmt Reply (%d)",
Tc()->CamSlot()->SlotNumber(), SessionId());
            if (!repliesToQuery) {
               dsyslog("CAM %d: replies to QUERY - multi channel decryption
possible", Tc()->CamSlot()->SlotNumber());

and 784:
  else if (state == 3 && timer.TimedOut()) {
     dsyslog("CAM %d: doesn't reply to QUERY - only a single channel can be
decrypted", Tc()->CamSlot()->SlotNumber());
     state = 4; // normal operation

any ideas?

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