Igor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> http://bugzilla.mplayerhq.hu/show_bug.cgi?id=867
> here is answer from MPlayer's developper
> ===================================================================
> Huh? Why did you put that in the summary, it doesn't even appear anywhere in
> the output you pasted (and it is irrelevant to the problem anyway).
> MPEG-TS container does not specify the the resolution, since -identify relies
> on container info it can't give you the width and height.
> So I can see no real bug here, you could at most add a feature request to make
> -identify also print the resolution the decoder detects.
> ===================================================================
> what do you think about this answer ?

Well, besides the fact, that it is a bit harsh, I must admit I didn't
know that.

By the way: why *are* you trying to play a transport stream with the
vdr/mplayer combination?


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