here is answer from MPlayer's developper

Huh? Why did you put that in the summary, it doesn't even appear anywhere in
the output you pasted (and it is irrelevant to the problem anyway).
MPEG-TS container does not specify the the resolution, since -identify relies
on container info it can't give you the width and height.
So I can see no real bug here, you could at most add a feature request to make
-identify also print the resolution the decoder detects.

what do you think about this answer ?

> Igor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I can't play by mplayer-plugin the h264-video .ts file with standard 
> > definition. But with 
> > command mplayer -vo mpegpes -ao mpegpes -nolirc -msglevel all=5 
> > /data/mplayer/video/1muz.ts
> > everything is ok
> > I don't understand why there's this messages
> > 
> > Jul 12 00:30:01 arvdr logger: *** DEBUG: parsed output for ORIG_X: "0"
> > Jul 12 00:30:02 arvdr logger: *** DEBUG: parsed output for ORIG_Y: "0"
> > 
> > could you anybody help to me ?
> This seems like a limitation of mplayer. The script tries to
> get some information about the clip through calling mplayer with
> "mplayer -identify". In every case I've seen so far mplayer prints
> the resolution (and other info) about the clip. This output is parsed by
> the mplayer script. In your case - for some unknown reason - mplayer
> doesn't output a valid resolution of the clip. Hence the script fails...
> You should try to run 'mplayer -identify -frames 0 /your/h264-video.ts'
> and look for ID_VIDEO_WIDTH and ID_VIDEO_HEIGHT. If you can't find this
> output or if it is 0, try it once again with '-frames 10'. If this still
> doesn't show the desired output, please take it to the mplayer
> developers at But if '-frames 10' (or any other value)
> gives you a reasonable output, please report it back to me.
> Cheers,
>     Juri

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