En/na lukkinosat ha escrit:
> --- Luca Olivetti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> ha scritto:
>> I made a crude hack: I assume that the epg is in
>> ISO-8859-15, so if 
>> SystemCharacterTable is different than iso-8859-15,
>> I call iconv to 
>> convert the file in cLoadepgOsd::SaveEpg, just
>> before the LoadFile label:
> [CUT]
> Hi
> The epg is ISO-8859-15. I must still try with vdr
> version 1.5.x.

Well, with the previous patch, the iconv hack and using 
cDevice::PrimaryDevice() to tune to the epg channel, everything is 
working fine here.
For a more general solution I suppose I'll have to do the same I did in 
my actuator plugin (use cDevice::PrimaryDevice() only if the selected 
device is ActualDevice and provides the needed channel).
I'll look into it and post a revised patch.

> As soon as I can I make you to know :-)
> Do you speak italian? 

Yes, I do


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