Rainer Zocholl wrote:
> How should a compile all these tons of plugins?
> Is there somewhere a list (like patches) or script or have i to download 
> each plugin, complie it, install it and than do the next
> as shown in the script?

The easiest way to go might be:

Do this once:
    mkdir ~/vdr-sources ; cd ~/vdr-sources
    apt-get source vdr
    edit debian/patches/00list in vdr to activate all the patches you
would like to use
    dpkg-buildpackage -tc -uc -us -rfakeroot
    dpkg -i vdr-dev*.deb

for each plugin you would like to use:
    sudo apt-get build-dep vdr-plugin-<plugin-name>
    fakeroot apt-get source -b vdr-plugin-<plugin-name>

Now you can copy all *.deb files in a directory of your choice, run
dpkg-scanpackages and add this directory to your sources.list.

It's not that much easier than your script, but you can skip the
"dpkg-source"-call if you build the package with "apt-get source". I
don't think it can be done much easier. But that's the price you have to
pay, if you want to use a custom patched VDR. Put it all in a nice shell
script and you can compile your packages with a single click.


(...dreaming of the day when all the patches are built into vanilla VDR
10.0 :-)

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