On 8/3/07, mike lewis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> So..  What can I do to debug whats going on and why??

First of all you'd need to tell us the version of xineliboutput you
are using and the way you use/start xineliboutput. Which frontend do
you use (remote or local), what parameters do you give to
xineliboutput, what settings have you set and so on. Also information
about cpu load and used hardware could be useful.

I use remote frontend (vdr-sxfe) and start it like this in a script:

STARTTIME=`date +%Y%m%d_%H%M`
vdr-sxfe --reconnect --fullscreen --audio=alsa --video=xv
--display=0.0 --verbose xvdr:// 2>
/var/log/vdr/vdr-sxfe_err_${STARTTIME}.log 1>
/var/log/vdr/vdr-sxfe_${STARTTIME}.log &

That way I have always a log of what's happened.


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