There has been some time now I last wrote to the list. I've been busy 
trying to cooc up a new box for my self. Some time ago I had different 
kind of problems and someone suggested using ready made packages from. 
i.e. cachalot. I have now succesfully built a box for my self with 
fedora core 7 with cachalot and livna repositories. At first I had 
problems with getting DXR card to work with fedora core 7 but now 
everything is otherwise fine but wss signaling does not seem to work. Do 
I need to patch the kernel or em8300 or something to make it work? Or do 
I still have to compile the CVS version of dxr3? Any pointers would be 

I have vdr-1.4.6-1 with dxr3-0.2.7. They are both installed via yum. I 
have also installed kmod-em8300 using yum (as everything else in the 
box). Kernel version is


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