* Gavin Hamill schrieb am 05.08.07, um 17:37 Uhr:
> Just some Python I knocked together - don't expect the world. It reads a
> channel list via SVDRP, shows the list, and launches mplayer with the
> appropriate arguments.

Sounds really great, i allready had the same idea, but i did not have
the time to implement such a program. Right now i just have a small
shell-script which launches mplayer with the right URL and parameters.

> Requires python and mplayer on the Nokia, VDR with streamdev-server and
> a machine (perhaps the VDR machine) with a CGI-capable webserver  (I use
> thttpd) to transcode from MPEG2 -> low bitrate MPEG4 so the 770 can play
> it.

I think that this part is not really required, because the
streamdev-server-plugin (the cvs version since at least may) allready 
supports external scripts for transcoding the video-stream. The script
i am using is attached to this mail. (By default streamdev-server
looks for the script in /root/externremux.sh.) (Settings are 400x240,
23,976 fps, which runs very well on my N800.) The URL you
must call with mplayer is http://<vdr-ip>:3000/Extern/<channelnumber>.

> There's no easy .deb to install - just a tarball, I dunno how to make
> packages for Maemo yet. Good luck.
> http://bum.net/vdrview.tar.gz

I would like to help you with improving the program, i can especially
help with creating a Debian package for it.

I would suggest you to create a project on https://garage.maemo.org/
there you would have a subversion repository, bugtracker, webspace...
for your project and other people could help you with the program.


Thomas Schmidt, Debian VDR Team

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