Udo Richter wrote:
> Petri Helin wrote:
>> I traced the problem to the SystemExec call in 
>> cShutdownHandler::CallShutdownCommand where Setup.NextWakeupTime is 
>> updated only if the SystemExec call returns 0. i changed it to accept 
>> all values greater or equal to 0 and now Setup.NextWakeupTime gets 
>> updated properly. Can some explain me why 0 is expected?
> SystemExec called with true as second parameter should only return -1 in 
> case of an error (logged to syslog) or the status of waitpid() in case 
> of success. (see thread.c) Since the direct child instantly does 
> exit(0), I assumed that status should also be 0.
> On the other hand, the man page of waitpid mentions lots of macros to 
> inspect the status return of waitpid. Maybe checking on these helps here.

It seems to me that VDR still fails writing the NextWakeupTime every now 
and then, even after I made the change described earlier. Do you have 
suggestions on how to shutdown properly in order to get the 
NextWakeupTime written to setup.conf? I run VDR as a daemon and shut it 
down in shutdown script by calling start-stop-daemon (I use Ubuntu Feisty).


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