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>On 8/12/07, Stone <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Thanks Klaus.  Since i18n.c has changed in this new version of vdr, a few
>>common patches I have been using have broke.
>>1) jumpplay-0.9.diff
>>2) liemikuutio-1.13.diff
>>3) timercmd-0.1.diff (comes from epgsearch)
>>Can someone explain to me the proper way to fix these rejects with i18n.c?
>I assume you'd just remove the i18n stuff from the patch, apply it,
>then generate a *.pot file for vdr and edit it with the language
>translations (from the instructions in README.i18n).
>What I'm wondering is what real benefit this method has over the old
>one?  Just seems like adding more steps and in the end its just the
>same result/no benefit.  I'm sure someone will correct me on that
>though.  :)
Its the standard way of doing it. You can use tools/macros/settings for 
vi/emacs etc for translation, the handling should become easier with 
that and also non programmer can help to translate without touching the 

Also (correct me if i'm wrong) the translation is seperate and it can 
only be put in the languages you are using (at least thats my 
understanding of what localepurge is doing).

 In the end you are right - you will only get a translated vdr - but 
that is expected because its the target ;)

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