Petri Helin wrote:
> JJussi wrote:
>> Hi!
>> Have anybody noticed, but atleast here in Finland, EPG information (the text 
>> what tells f.ex. what tells about movie) is so long that it's "cut short" 
>> from middle of world, most of time.
>> Is because the string in VDR what holds that information is too short or...?
> IIRC they put the information in wrong field. For some obscure reason 
> they use the short event descriptor for the main part of the event 
> description when they should be using the extended event descriptor. the 
> only way to fix that is to complain to the source (read Digita and 
> broadcast companies). Or use an external epg input like xmltv.

I contacted Digita regarding this a year ago. They replied that they get 
the EPG info from the Venetsia system, which is used by all program 
information providers (i.e. magazines and so forth). I assume it only 
contains a single description field, and they put it into the short 
event descriptor.

It was also said that extented event descriptors are unlimited, so if it 
was used, the size of broadcasted information would rise considerably 
("aika paljon") and that more capacity would need to be reserved for it, 
and there is already a shortage.

The contact address I used was antenni dot info at digita dot fi.

Anssi Hannula

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