VDR User wrote:
> Personally, I like the idea of vdr having a dedicated logfile.  And
> even more if the path/filename of this logfile can be defined by the
> user.

It can, at least with syslog-ng. I added these statements to my

destination df_vdr {
  file("/var/log/vdr.log" owner("root") group("vdr") perm(0640));

filter f_vdr   {     program("vdr"); };
filter f_novdr { not program("vdr"); };

log {

If you do not want, to have vdr log _also_ to the other log files, you
can use the f_novdr filter in those log-statements, e.g. in Debian:

# *.*;auth,authpriv.none          -/var/log/syslog
log {

@Klaus: I see your problem. Let's leave it like this if it helps you.

@Stefan: Replacing syslog-logging with own file logging is not a
solution for my concern. I always welcomed the vdr way of logging as it
directly allowes to redirect the log to own destinations (even remotely)
adntools like logrotate also take care of not filling up the disk. But I
also see the need of a user/GUI program to have logging to something
else than syslog (which mostly can't be checked by an unpriveleged user).

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