On 08/15/07 13:07, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> Hi there!
> This time I have some comments on Makefiles for plugins.
> 1. Is there any reason to not allow plain "make" without target to work? It 

No reason.

> would be so easy to move the "all:" target before "%.o: %.c" line.

Well, then let's do it.
I'll change the 'newplugin' script and VDR's own examples accordingly.

> Now when I call make I just get the first .c file compiled. when changing the 
> all target to be the first this will do what is necessary.
> 2. Is it really necessary to have compiling and installing inside the same 
> target? This even gets more annoying with the new i18n target that also 
> spreads all files over my system when hitting "make all".

When compiling a plugin, it is supposed to copy its .so file
to VDR's PLUGINS/lib directory, so that it can be run when
starting VDR from within its source directory. The locale files
are supposed to be in VDR's locale subdirectory for the same

I set LOCDIR in Make.config to ./locale, so that I can run VDR
from within its source directory. I never actually "install" VDR.


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