Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> This time I have some comments on Makefiles for plugins.
> 1. Is there any reason to not allow plain "make" without target to work? It 
> would be so easy to move the "all:" target before "%.o: %.c" line.

My plugins usually have an early extra target like this to allow a 
simple 'make':

     _default: all

However, the 'all' target doesn't work unless there was one 'make 
plugins' from the VDR folder, because of the include-dir target that all 
plugins also depend on. This could probably be fixed by something like 
make -C ../../.. include-dir, but that would be overkill.

Also, there's another include statement in my makefiles:

     -include $(VDRDIR)/Make.config
     -include Make.config

This allows local plugin-specific config overrides, though the same can 
be achieved in VDR's Make.config with this code:

     ifeq ($(PLUGIN),pluginname)
       # local config goes here



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