Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 08/17/07 15:48, Anssi Hannula wrote:
>> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>> - Internationalization is now done with 'gettext' (following a suggestion by
>>>   Lucian Muresan). Plugin authors may want to use the Perl script
>>>   'i18n-to-gettext.pl' to convert their internationalized texts to the 
>>> gettext
>>>   format (see the instructions inside that script file). The function
>>>   cPlugin::RegisterI18n() is still present for compatibility, but doesn't
>>>   have any more functionality. So plugins that don't convert their texts to
>>>   the gettext format will only present English texts.
>>>   See PLUGINS.html, section "Internationalization", for instructions on how
>>>   to make strings in arrays translatable.
>>>   See README.i18n for information on how to create new or maintain existing
>>>   translations.
>> I have only Finnish locales installed ("locale -a"), so only the 
>> selections "suomi" and "English" work from the plugin menu. The rest 
> What "plugin" menu?

OSD language selection in the setup menu ;)

>> show up as "deu,ger" etc, and do not work; text shows up in English 
>> despite selecting them.
>> Maybe the locales that the user does not have installed on their system 
>> should be hidden?
> I thought that the language codes should always all be there,
> to allow selecting other preferred languages, even if there
> is no locale installed. But maybe I'm mistaken there.

Well, having those in the OSD language selection menu seems strange, if 
only two of those actually work, and others do not show up correctly 

But indeed, the Audio and EPG language selection menus seem to use the 
same list. IMHO the Audio and EPG languages should use a separate list, 
that contains all the language names in the currently selected OSD language.

> Please try disabling the code after
>   // Prepare any known language codes for which there was no locale:
> in i18n.c and see whether that would do what you expect.

Yes, the languages that have no "locales-XX" package installed on my 
system do not show up in the OSD language selection list anymore.

However, I cannot select them as EPG nor Audio language either, which 
should still be possible.

Anssi Hannula

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