I believe distribution packagers of VDR (at least myself) will want to 
install the VDR locale files into the standard directory under 
/usr/share/locale/, where all other locale files are.

However, as that directory may contain lots of other locales that do not 
have translation for VDR (or possibly only for some plugin of VDR, which 
applies to a custom localedir as well), those show up in the OSD 
Language selection menu as "LanguageName$English".

Also, it could also be possible that the I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES = 256 
constant could be too small for some systems. I guess it could be 
modified to limit only the locales that have VDR translation, not the 
total locale count in the system.

> +void I18nRegister(const char *Plugin)
> +{
> +  bindtextdomain(Plugin, I18nLocaleDir);
> +}
> +     if (Plugin)
> +        t = dgettext(Plugin, s);

Maybe it would be better to use something like vdr-PLUGIN or 

If the translations are installed into /usr/share/locale, the files of 
VDR plugins could conflict with other programs that have the same name, 
if the plugin translation files are not prefixed by anything.

Anssi Hannula

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