Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> On 08/18/07 11:11, Anssi Hannula wrote:
>> I believe distribution packagers of VDR (at least myself) will want to 
>> install the VDR locale files into the standard directory under 
>> /usr/share/locale/, where all other locale files are.
>> However, as that directory may contain lots of other locales that do not 
>> have translation for VDR (or possibly only for some plugin of VDR, which 
>> applies to a custom localedir as well), those show up in the OSD 
>> Language selection menu as "LanguageName$English".
>> Also, it could also be possible that the I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES = 256 
>> constant could be too small for some systems. I guess it could be 
>> modified to limit only the locales that have VDR translation, not the 
>> total locale count in the system.
>>> +void I18nRegister(const char *Plugin)
>>> +{
>>> +  bindtextdomain(Plugin, I18nLocaleDir);
>>> +}
>> [...]
>>> +     if (Plugin)
>>> +        t = dgettext(Plugin, s);
>> Maybe it would be better to use something like vdr-PLUGIN or 
>> vdr-plugin-PLUGIN?
>> If the translations are installed into /usr/share/locale, the files of 
>> VDR plugins could conflict with other programs that have the same name, 
>> if the plugin translation files are not prefixed by anything.
> Why do you want to make things overly complicated?
> Can't we just keep it simple?

"Keeping it simple" would be dropping the language selection completely 
and using environment, as other applications do. But I guess you do not 
want do that.

But you mean, use a specific directory for VDR locales, like 
If you do not wish to use the standard location, fine with me. However, 
the "LanguageName$English" problem still applies, if there is some 
directory in the VDR localedir that does not have a VDR translation, but 
e.g. only for some plugin.

Anssi Hannula

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