On 08/18/07 13:10, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> On Samstag, 18. August 2007, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 08/18/07 12:55, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
>>> On Freitag, 17. August 2007, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>> On 08/15/07 15:07, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
>>>>> On Mittwoch, 15. August 2007, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>>>>> This will work, but only if the locale de_AT you set does exist (being
>>>>> in output of locale -a).
>>>>>> but it came up with the default English texts. Then I renamed
>>>>>> "de" to "de_AT" and did the same again, and I got the German texts.
>>>>>> I was hoping that gettext would be a little more intelligent and
>>>>>> look for
>>>>>> - an exact match ("de_AT")
>>>>>> - a default ("de")
>>>>>> - any suitable language ("de_DE")
>>>>> I think it does this but not doing "any suitable language".
>>>>> ...
>>>> Could you please try the attached patch and see whether this
>>>> works for you?
>>>> This should, e.g., select any "de*" locale in case there is no fully
>>>> matching one.
>>> Not yet tested, but code looks promising.
>>> Another way to get list of usable locales is this:
>>> Checking the subdirs of /usr/lib/locale/
>>> And then using all, that have associated mo file under vdr's LOCALEDIR.
>>> Sadly I don't know if there is a better way than hardcoding that
>>> directory.
>>> But "locale -a" command will give the same result - maybe analyzing its
>>> code will help (or just calling this external command).
>> Currently VDR has its own directory with all its supported locales.
>> It can quickly collect all locales by going through the entries
>> in that directory. I can even compile my VDR so that it searches
>> for the locales in "./locale" inside the source directory.
>> I like the simplicity of this, and wouldn't want to make it any
>> more complex.
> The directory /usr/lib/locale does NOT contain any translations, but rather a 
> directory for every locale you can set via setlocale.
> Its meant as a replacement of the setlocale loop.

I'm afraid I don't see what you mean.
I know that the "locale" directory doesn't contain translations directly,
but rather subdirectories. VDR gathers the names of these subdirectories
and does a setlocale() for each of them. Then it tries to get the
translation of "LanguageName$English" in order to build a list of all
available languages. How else do you suggest that could be done?

> Btw. arent these two calls identical
> setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, oldLocale);
> setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, "");

I guess so.


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