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> On 08/18/07 13:10, Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> >
> > The directory /usr/lib/locale does NOT contain any translations, but
> > rather a directory for every locale you can set via setlocale.
> > Its meant as a replacement of the setlocale loop.
> I'm afraid I don't see what you mean.
> I know that the "locale" directory doesn't contain translations directly,
> but rather subdirectories. VDR gathers the names of these subdirectories
> and does a setlocale() for each of them. Then it tries to get the
> translation of "LanguageName$English" in order to build a list of all
> available languages. How else do you suggest that could be done?

First: general directory layout:
/usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES/*.mo contains translations

the oposite is /usr/lib/locale. This does NOT contain translations (and if you 
insisit on the difference: nowhere in the subdirs are translations). There 
are just descriptions of the available locales.

You now do this:
Loop over the subdirs of vdr-private-locale directory and then check which of 
these are actually available by doing setlocale.

Now this can also be done by a check if there is some matching directory 
under /usr/lib/locale/.

Regarding the english name of the associated language:
locale -a -v
will not only print the list of locales,  but also a lot of detail info. This 
info should also be available via some API.
But searching did not produce any API to query this.

Some cut out example:
# locale -a -v
locale: de_DE.utf8      directory: /usr/lib/locale/de_DE.utf8
    title | German locale for Germany
   source | Free Software Foundation, Inc.
  address | 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA
    email | [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 language | German
territory | Germany
 revision | 1.0
     date | 2000-06-24
  codeset | UTF-8

locale: en_GB           directory: /usr/lib/locale/en_GB
    title | English locale for Britain
   source | RAP
  address | Sankt J�rgens Alle 8, DK-1615 K�benhavn V, Danmark
  contact | Keld Simonsen
    email | [EMAIL PROTECTED]
 language | English
territory | Great Britain
 revision | 1.0
     date | 2000-06-28
  codeset | ISO-8859-1


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