Michael Nausch wrote:
> But If I try to do the same on my testsystem (vdr-1.4.7) it won't work! 
> On syslog I'll only see:
> Aug 18 17:21:59 tecvdr vdr: [1916] executing '/usr/local/bin/vdrshutdown
> 1187452313 1800 0 "" 1'
> Aug 18 17:40:51 tecvdr vdr: [1921] executing '/usr/local/bin/vdrshutdown
> 1187453445 1800 0 "" 1'

The wakeup time is always 30min in the future here, just as if the 'Min 
event timeout' is set to 30min and you forced to shut down the VDR, 
skipping close-by events or activity, in which case VDR will schedule 
wakeup at min event timeout in the future. And since there's no special 
timer at that time, all remaining fields are empty.



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