Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> VDR's locale files are named like "de_DE" (language_COUNTRY).
> There's no "@euro" or other stuff added to the names. VDR needs to
> know which files it actually has at its disposal, in order to
> present to the user a list of all available languages. It makes
> no sense to present a language that in the end isn't available.

I guess the working way would be to parse (or build) the list of locale 
-a, as they are definitely the present locales, and then check which one 
of them matches a VDR translation file. In my case, [EMAIL PROTECTED] uses the 
existing translation de_DE as fallback, and would be a valid selection.

Such a solution still has obstacles, like multiple possible locales for 
one real translation, and things like 'C' locale for English.



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