I demand that Matthias Becker may or may not have written...

> plugins can re-use VDR-core translations. With the old "i18n.c" method
> plugin authors just did not provide a plugin specific translation for these
> texts.

> With the new translation method identifying these text got harder for
> plugin translators. xgettext puts all texts into the .pot file - also the
> texts for which the VDR-core translation should be used. A translator now
> cannot see which texts he has to translate and which not.

> Can this be improved?

Each plugin has to handle its own translations and ensure that they're in its
own translation domain. This means that its makefile has to run xgettext,
generate .mo files and install them. Translation has to be done (for
plugin-specific text) using dgettext() and dngettext() instead of gettext()
and ngettext().

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