On 08/19/07 15:40, Luca Olivetti wrote:
> En/na Klaus Schmidinger ha escrit:
>>> It seems that it *does* work, i.e. LANGUAGE=de, LANGUAGE=fr, LANGUAGE=fi 
>>> will work even if there is no such locale at all.
>>> I copied a .mo file into /usr/share/locale/testtest/LC_MESSAGES/, which 
>>> certainly is not a valid locale, and using LANGUAGE=testtest it was 
>>> correctly used! :)
>> Looks good. However, after some tests it would appear as if only the
>> very first setenv() call actually changes anything. Subsequent calls
>> have no further effect, and gettext() always returns the language
>> that was selected in the very first call to setenv().
> Did you try calling bindtextdomain again after calling setenv?

I did call it after setenv() (as suggested in Anssi's posting).

See my other posting from a few minutes ago with a patch.


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