On 08/19/07 17:56, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Hi!
> Very nice to see gettext() working, for a while I thought it was going
> to be a complete mess :)
> IMHO, two simple things could still be done:
> Attached is a simple patch that allows using VDR with large localedir
> that contains more locales than I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES. AFAICS there is no
> reason to stop searching unless I18N_MAX_LANGUAGES vdr locales were
> actually found.

You're right about that.

> Also, it is a convention (all programs in my system follow it) that .po
> files (and thus the locale directory name) be without the territory
> name, i.e. fi instead of fi_FI. If there would be any additional
> translations for some language, they would be named like fi_DE.

The source .po files will remain named as they are now.
In an "install" target you can rename them to whatever you like.


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