Before one could just run "make" and after that you could just run 
./vdr. However, now LOCDIR is set to $(PREFIX)/share/vdr/locale by 
default, which causes localisation to not work unless "make 
install-i18n" (or "make install" which runs it as well) is run, which 
copies the locale files to LOCDIR.

However, almost exactly the opposite is the case with PLUGINLIBDIR, 
which by default is ./PLUGINS/lib so that it works inside the 
source-tree, but it is not so good if installed into /usr/local.

AFAICS this is inconsistent. I think either VDR should work 
out-of-the-box (without modifying make variables) inside the source tree 
*or* out of the source tree.

I.e. LOCDIR should be changed to "./locale" or PLUGINLIBDIR should be 
changed "$(PREFIX)/lib/vdr" or similar.

Or make the i18n.c work with locales being either in LOCDIR or ./locale.

It doesn't really matter to me, but for some other users the current 
state might be confusing.

Anssi Hannula

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