On 08/19/07 19:13, Anssi Hannula wrote:
> Before one could just run "make" and after that you could just run 
> ./vdr. However, now LOCDIR is set to $(PREFIX)/share/vdr/locale by 
> default, which causes localisation to not work unless "make 
> install-i18n" (or "make install" which runs it as well) is run, which 
> copies the locale files to LOCDIR.
> However, almost exactly the opposite is the case with PLUGINLIBDIR, 
> which by default is ./PLUGINS/lib so that it works inside the 
> source-tree, but it is not so good if installed into /usr/local.
> AFAICS this is inconsistent. I think either VDR should work 
> out-of-the-box (without modifying make variables) inside the source tree 
> *or* out of the source tree.
> I.e. LOCDIR should be changed to "./locale" or PLUGINLIBDIR should be 
> changed "$(PREFIX)/lib/vdr" or similar.
> Or make the i18n.c work with locales being either in LOCDIR or ./locale.
> It doesn't really matter to me, but for some other users the current 
> state might be confusing.

You're right. When I started writing VDR, the idea was to have
everything in one directory and also run it from there. No "install"
or anything.

Then came people who insisted in "installing" VDR, so the BINDIR
etc. got in, which I didn't care about, because I just didn't do
"make install". Later came the plugins, and that's when VDR actually
needed to know where they are, so that's when PLUGINLIBDIR came in.
I still didn't care about it, because the default was what I needed,
namely ./PLUGINS.

Now with gettext, VDR needed to know where the locale files are, so
it can offer the user the list of supported languages. Somehow I
made the mistake of making /usr/share/vdr/locale the default for
this, not thinking about the confusion this apparently causes.
(Actually /usr/share/vdr/locale should probably become /usr/share/locale
with the latest changes in handling this stuff in version 1.5.8).

Since I don't care the least bit about actually "installing" VDR,
I should probably stay completely out of the "install" targets.
Change them to whatever you like and agree on a common version
here on the list (as a complete patch against the latest developer

The only request I have is that it must be possible to unpack
VDR into a directory and do

make vdr            to compile the vdr executable into this directory

make i18n           to build VDR's i18n files into ./locale

make plugins        to compile all plugins under ./PLUGINS/src and have
                    their *.so files end up in ./PLUGINS/lib, and also
                    have their i18n files end up in ./locale

make clean-plugins  to clean up everything that 'make plugins'

make clean          to clean up everything that 'make vdr' or 'make i18n'

VDR must be runnable from within its source directory and must
search for plugin files in ./PLUGINS/lib and for locale files
in ./locale.

If it is necessary to add something like LOCAL=1 to the make calls
in order to achieve this, that's fine with me (this should, however,
also be definable in Make.config - I don't want to have to add this
every time I make VDR ;-).
So you can make the default for PLUGINLIBDIR and LOCDIR point to
whatever location you want (and good luck finding a consensus in
these defaults ;-).

If there shall be a way to remove what any "install" target has created,
this shall be done in a "clean-install" or whatever target. I don't want
'make clean' to have anything to do with any "install" target.


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