I have strange problem, it rise when system updated vdr to  1.5.5-r5.
If I start "Media Player" to play video file, I loose control of vdr..

[30583] [input_vdr] PLAYFILE  (Loop: 0, Offset: 0s, File: 
oscope /data/video/408.ws.dsr-dimension.avi)
[30585] [input_vdr] BLANK in middle of stream! bufs queue 0 , video_fifo 0
[30583] [input_vdr] Control stream disconnected
[30584] [input_vdr] Data stream disconnected
[30585] [input_vdr] read_block: no data source, returning NULL
[30577] [input_vdr] write_control aborted
[30577] [input_vdr] write_control aborted
[30569] [input_vdr] write_control aborted

those "write_control aborted" lines comes when I try to press some button from 

I know.. I can fix this just going to older version.. But, FYI to those who 
make development...

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