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>Thanks again. The Asus M2NPV-VM looks like a great choice for me since
>it is easy to get in Australia.
>I am looking at the AN-M2HD now and it also available in Australia.
>The Asus has Composite out and the Abit has HDMI. I have VGA, RGB,
>S-Vid, HDMI inputs on my TV.
>In order of best to worse for quality ?

is the order. HDMI is digital und should those provide best quality 
(equals to DVI.

>The Abit also has the newer 7050 vs the 6150 on the Asus.
>The Asus has the extra module for HDTV output while the Abit has HDMI
>attached to the board.
>The big question is does the 7050 chipset provide any extra
>acceleration in Mpeg2 encoding / decoding to the 6150 ?
I think both provide mpeg2 decoding avveleration - XvMC ....

>So many choices and so many factors.
Yes but its good that there are recently choices :)

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