Bernd Juraschek wrote:
> Hello list,
> I want to do some kind of offline modifying vdr timers, but I don't know
> how to identify timers.
> If I use the timer id to change or delete VDR timers, then this will go
> wrong if VDR has deleted some timers since the remote site has retrieved
> the timer list. Using timer properties is not a solution because the
> user can change timers also locally using OSD.

The simple answer: You can't.

For my Master-Timer i insert the "event_id" into the last field of the timer.
So Master-Timer finds a timer to be modified by going through the list of 
timers and looking for it's marker.

> Is there another way to distinguish timers (or channels, recordings,
> ...)? I think it would be useful to assign some UUID to VDR objects.
> This ID must not be changed while modifying the object.

Channels are uniquely identified by the 'channel ID':
see vdr.5

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