Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> Hi,
> Petri Helin wrote:
>>> the attached vdr-1.5.9-h264.patch adds H.264 support to VDR's remuxer.
>>> The changes to earlier releases are:
>>> - H264::cParser has been enhanced to provide information for
>>>   H264::cContext::GetFramesPerSec() and therefore outsourced
>>>   into separate files.
>>> - cVideoRepacker generates Access Unit Delimiters in case they
>>>   are not part of the stream.
>> Should this patch make it possible to record H.264 encoded stream? I 
> It should. It works for the German DVB-S2 HD channels on Astra and it
> worked for LuxeTV HD on Hotbird in the past.
>> have applied the patch and can see in the channels menu that Canal+ HD 
>> Film uses H.264 codec, but I can not record the channel (nor watch it...).
> Is this the channel you've mentioned (I've applied a DVB-S2 patch, so
> the entry may differ from your's a little)?
> HD;Harmonic:11470:vC56M2S0Z0:S13.0E:27500:10331+331:332=pol;333=ORY:551:100:15423:318:1400:0
> On my system, VDR says this channel is encrypted. Do you have the
> necessary means to receive this channel?

The channel I mean is the same, I think, but provided by my local cable 
operator. Here is the entry in channels.conf:
Canal+ Film 

I have a valid subscription and this particular channel dis work when I 
tested it with the ts-recording and h264-patches available here:

My subscription is ending in 24 hours, so I'd like to know if I can 
record the channel before making my mind whether to continue the 
subscription ;)


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