Hannu Tirkkonen wrote:

>> When I tried again with streamdev-plugin sending TS-stream to a vlc 
>> client and letting it dump the TS-stream, I can find the "00 00 01 09" 
>> delimiter in the dumped stream. So if it works with the combination 
>> above, what could be missing from VDR itself that prevents it from doing 
>> the same?
> Maybe there is something to do with the Welho's way of broadcasting
> the Canal+ HD dvb-s2 stream again in dvb-c?
> I do have a subscription also on Thor 1W, so I'll try to do some
> tests using dvb-s2 during the weekend.

Please keep in mind, that my patch doesn't add DVB-S2 support.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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