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> Hello,
> In writing a plugin that displays a date, it occurred to me that date
> in a locale-friendly way might be a good idea.  What is the current
> 'blessed' way to make vdr display a date? I suppose it could be a
> setup option, but that just seems kindda drab.

In the live plugin - http://live.vdr-developer.org/ - we use a two fold 

Dates are formatted with strftime(3) which obeys for some of the format 
specifiers the current locale of the VDR. Additionally we 'translate' the 
format strings with the standard i18n support of VDR (e.g tr() macro). This 
allows the localization people to tailor to their special needs.

Best regards

Dieter Hametner                    dh (plus) vdr (at) gekrumbel (dot) de
live plugin developer              http://live.vdr-developer.org

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