here's the next release of epgsearch:

2007-09-02: Version 0.9.23
- full support for new i18n system in vdr>=1.5.7, but keeps fully
   backwards compatible
- when using extended EPG categories one can now also compare by value,
   e.g.  to search for events after some year.
   Therefore new searchmodes (10 which means '<', 11 which means '<=',
   were introduced in the file epgsearchcats.conf. Example:

     # 'until year'
     3|Year|until year||11
     # 'from year'
     12|Year|from year||13

   One could use this also to search for a specific season of a series,
   if this data is part of the EPG. See the section <epgsearchcats.conf>
   in the documentation for a complete list of all search modes.
- The edit menu for search timers has now a switch 'Ignore missing
   categories' for extended EPG categories. If set to 'Yes' this tells
   epgsearch that a missing EPG category should not exclude an event from
   the results. Caution: Using this without any other criterions could
   flood your timers.
- Search timers have now an 'auto delete' feature. The edit menu
   therefor provides:
     * after x recordings, or
     * after x days after first recording
   Only complete recordings are counted. The deletion of the search timer
   is executed directly after the end of the corresponding recording
- new action "Create a copy" in menu Search/Actions to create and edit a
   copy of the current search, suggested by Michael Brückner.
- the option "use as search timer" has now a third value 'user defined'
   besides 'yes' and 'no', that allows specifying a time margin where the
   search timer is active, suggested by [EMAIL PROTECTED]
- the progressbar now displays the start time instead of an empty bar,
   when shifting to future events, thanks to [EMAIL PROTECTED] for providing
   a patch.
- menu "show timers created" shows now summary for the timers done with
  'Ok'. Also the shortcuts '1..9' for the EPG-commands are available.
- built-in pin-plugin patch (no more need to patch epgsearch). Activate
   it by compiling with 'USE_PINPLUGIN' in VDR's Make.config (as already
   done in VDR extension patch)
- built-in graphtft-plugin patch (no more need to patch epgsearch).
   Activate it by compiling with 'USE_GRAPHTFT' in VDR's Make.config (as
   already done in VDR extension patch)
- update of finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
- update of french translation, thanks to Patrice Staudt
- added file README.Translators with notes for translators
- fixed a bug in timer creation after navigating through the summary
   menu, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg for reporting
- Label "Record" or "Timer" in menu summary fixed with respect to
   existing timer.
- fixed switch timers in the case when EPG has changed, thanks to
   Juergen Urban for providing a patch
- fixed some compiler warnings in g++-4.2, thanks to Michael Brückner
   for reporting
- added "," to the allowed characters for a search timer, thanks to Mike
   Constabel for reporting.



Have fun!


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