Dear list,

First, I hope this list is also for hardware questions. If not, could
you please recommend me a mailing list for such a topic.

Second, do you know if most people from are also reading
this list?

Here is my problem.

My grandfather likes to have videos of special events like birthdays,
etc. Some years ago he did this by himself with a VHS-Camcorder and
VHS-Recorder and used both for cutting. The VHS-Recorder broke and now
he has a Hard-Disk-and-DVD-Recorder from Pioneer DVR-520H.

I used my Mini-DV-Camcorder from Panasonic NV-GS500 at the last event
and recorded the footage. But I do not have the time to go through
everything and cut it and edit the scene transitions, etc. My
grandfather said, he would do it by himself. So I need hardware and
software, that he can easily cut footage, enter titles and add music and

1. Do you know, if there exist easy to use software for this kind of
task even an over 80-year-old could handle.

Here are my ideas with pros and cons.

2. He has already the hard-disk-DVD device with firewire. As far as I
know one can do basic editing with the remote control. But controlling
everything with the remote is too troublesome in my opinion.

3. Buy a HTPC and replace the hard-disk-DVD device. Do you know, if it
is possible to do editing tasks with the CRT TV as a monitor and maybe
one could add a keyboard and a mouse. What requirements should such a
HTPC have for recording TV-shows (since its replacing the
hard-disk-DVD-recorder) and editing videos?

(A link to a thread should be sufficient, since such questions are
probably already answered somewhere.)

4. To solve the problem with the CRT TV as screen, probably one should
by a laptop. To record TV-shows it is hooked up in the living room. And
to edit he takes it to his desk and plugs in a keyboard and mice, since
I think, he would not be able to handle a touchpad and the laptop

In solution 3. and 4. I can also support him, logging into the machine
from mine over the Internet.

What do you guys thinks.

Thanks a lot in advance.


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