Tuomas Jormola wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to hear about your experiences with VDR in Welho cable network in
> Helsinki and especially viewing the available HD channels.
> With my setup (described below), during Welho's marketing campaign when the
> channels are temporarily FTA, I've been able to view Discovery HD just fine.
> But I don't get picture with Voom and Silver HD, even though sound can be
> heard. Maybe video on these channels is H.264 encoded? If so, perhaps VDR with
> H.264 patches would be able to show the channels... If I manage to get all
> three channels working, it would be quite temptating to get a 3rd DVB-C card
> with a CI and Conax CAM after the freebie is over...
> Hardware: Athlon64 3000+, NVIDIA Geforce 6200, 2 x Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-C
> Software: Pretty standard VDR 1.4.7, output with xine plugin 0.7.11, using
> xine-ui viewer, NVIDIA binary drivers 1.0-9755

I assume you'll be able to read this: 


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