[EMAIL PROTECTED] kirjoitti:
>> I have installed VDRAdmin service, so I can connect directly (from any 
>> computer from my network + outside world) to HTTP port 8001 and do there 
>> changes to EPGsearch and all recordings.. ;-)
> Well I have runned VDRAdmin for years, but problem is that it is not 
> available when I use EPG, and don't have computer next to sofa to use it. And 
> using cell phone takes time also.. So something handly when using remote, and 
> by pressing "4" is the answer.
I use EPGSearches search template (one of them is set default). That way 
when a new series starts and when I am in EPG I push red/4/ok/back and I 
am back in EPG and the search timer is done :) ofcource I have set my 
red button in epg to be permanently Commands (through epgsearch setup).

Search templates can be found in Menu=>Setup=>Plugins=>epgsearch=>Search 
and search timers=>blue=>use search timer=yes=>down to Search 
templates=>blue(Setup)=>green(new) then create a template of your 
wishes=>ok=>blue(default)=>ok=>ok=>back=>back=>back=>back its that simple :)

Hope this was any help to you.


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