I build IPTV stream server, based on Linux with DVB cards and
dvbstream program. Linux takes DVB stream form SAT, divides it
to set of single-program streams and sends it to network using 
multicasts. These streams are received by IPTV SetTopBoxes.

It works. Now with FTA only. Now I need to add some crypted channels.
These services should be decrypted in the stream-server and will be
send to network without any CA. Of course fully legal, with operator 
smardcard and agreement for redistribution.

I have trouble witch decryption. Dvbstream allow to decrypt one
A/V service using full-featured card. Its only one, but better then
nothing - I can take a sets of these cards. But which card?
Does anybody know, which cards to buy? I need several ones, so
it should be new card from actual production/offer...
And it should to have CI interface and work correctly with linux.

I checked wiki.linuxtv.org - but there are listed cards, which are
no avaliable in shops - only at ebay/etc... There are mostly budged card
in acctual offer, some of them with CI (ex. SkyStarHD), but no-one
with support in linux.

What to buy? Anybody can help?

                                   Boguslaw Juza

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