> hello all
> im wondering is there anyone in the usa doing local off air tv with vdr...
> if so..   what have you done to vdr to get analogtv and atsc digital tv...
> what plugins are you using.. how are you getting guide info for
> channel services...
> i do know my hdtv picks up some info about whats on the service im
> watching so there is some guide info being broad casted with local
> channels ...
> i am using vdr now doing satellite services using nexux-s, sky2 budget 
> cards...
> i have a usb Pinnacle Systems PCTV 800e and also a atsc tuner based on 
> bt878...
> i will be using a off air antenna system rotor controlled with pre-amp
> on a 70 foot tower...
> any info will help
Don't know if it helps, but I was using a PVR-150 in the US last year with 
VDR and the pvrinput plugin.  Got the epg from http://labs.zap2it.com (don't 
know if they still offer it...) 

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