> Built a new system with an Athlon64 x2 running and64 linux. I went with
> vdr-1.5.9. I tried to use the diseqc.conf from my old system, but vdr
> crashes in startup when the rotor plugin is used. I found the problem seems
> to be the use of commands to control the rotor in the diseqc.conf. with [E0
> 31 6B 26] and rotor plugin, vdr crashes at startup. remove ether the rotor
> plugin or all [E0 31 6B xx] entries and it starts. I used the vdr-1.5.5
> patch in the patches folder of rotor.

may be the logs in syslog from rotor plugin will help to you. For this you need 
to use this path

--- 1/dvbdevice.c       2007-09-07 21:54:12.000000000 +0200
+++ 2/dvbdevice.c       2007-09-10 18:52:42.000000000 +0200
@@ -168,6 +168,7 @@
         dvb_frontend_event Event;
         while (ioctl(fd_frontend, FE_GET_EVENT, &Event) == 0)
               ; // just to clear the event queue - we'll read the actual 
status below
+             isyslog("Rotor-command %X %X %X %X %X 
   while (1) {


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