On 9/22/07, Udo Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Stone wrote:
> > vdr: [4922] ERROR: cOsd::SetAreas returned 5
> This is oeWrongAlignment, and is returned if an OSD area has negative
> size, is outside of the screen, or does not byte-align.
> The latter is triggered if a 1-bit OSD has a width that is not multiple
> of 8, a 2-bit OSD has a width not multiple of 4, or a 4-bit OSD has a
> width not multiple of 2.
> You may want to check the settings for any width options, and set it to
> something multiple of 8.

Odd, because OSDWidth = 600 on my machine.  You dont think it has something
to do with the changes in vdr-1.5.9?  Prefermenu uses the CreateOsd without
the new "Level" attribute.  Can anyone verify prefermenu works with the
latest vdr release?

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